40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

A Company 2 Troop

'The Saints'

2 Troop Photo Gallery

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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
Anderson Andy Jock Mne    
Aspinall Terry Tel Mne RM 21414 Feb 63 Sept 64
  Atkinson Kenneth Ken Mne    
    Beckley(ex bugler & boxer) David Styx     November 1965
    Cooper John   Mne   1964
  Dalrimple Harry   Mne    
    Deering M.A.        
    Dick Alex   Mne   1963 - 1965
    Bishop     Mne
Boliss Ken   Mne RM 22898 1964 - 1965
  Brammer Geoff Bram Mne RM 21715
  Clarke   Nobby Sgt    
    Couage Tony   Mne    
  Davidson Mick
Yorkie Mne    
  Frith Chris Geordie Mne    
    Galleon Johnny   Mne    
  Giles Dave   Mne    
    Golding John Goldie Mne    
    Grubb B.   Mne    
  Hackett Don   Mne    
    Harris David   Mne   Aug 64 - Feb 66
  Hartley Keith   Mne    


  Knock   Jock Mne    
    Lawler     Mne    
Mawby Dave Ginge Mne Po22828H 1965 - 1966
  McCardle (Signaler) Mick   Mne    



  Minnock Thomas Jock -Tam
Mne RM21426  
  Mortimer Mort or Dave Mort Mne   1963
    Parkin Tom   Mne    


    Pearse   Reg Cpl    
    Perkins     Mne    
    Powell   Souse Mne    
    Reece ..(PTI)     Sgt    
  Roberts   Robo Cpl    
    Rutherford     Sgt    
    Rutter Ed   Mne    
  Seabrook Dave Boots Mne    
  Shillitoe Sam   Cpl    
  Smart  George Geordie Mne    
    Smith   Ged Mne   1963 - 1965
    Sparks T.   Mne    
  Stone John Jock Mne RM21429  
    Strickland     Mne    
    Thompson   Geordie Cpl    
  Walters Brian Ginger Mne    



  Wilson   Tug   RM 16647  
Wroe   Styx Mne  
1964 - 1966
  ??     Mne