Maureen (Knights) Lloyd

I am delighted to be one of those old "Stowmarket-ites" being added to Terry's web site.  What a splendid job he is doing.  Doesn't it make you feel good when you have read about, and looked at some of the old photos appearing. Terry has asked me for a few words about myself.  Well, some people might say I am boring, but I have never moved far away from my birth place, which was 77 Bridge Street, Stowmarket.  I went to Combs Ford Primary School, and still meet and have contact with loads of friends from that school. From there I went to Stowmarket Secondary Modern - again - I still keep in touch with many many friends from here too. I worked for ICI Paints for 38 years in the Personnel Department, so I had dealing with lots and lots of people from the town and surrounding districts.  When I first joined the Company, there were over 1000 employees, when I left, there were round about 300.  Terry's father Dick, was one of many who I was able to "look after" during my career. I married Barry Lloyd in May 1967 - as you can see we celebrate our Ruby Wedding anniversary next year.  I have a sister and three brothers all living locally.

The Stowmarket Secondary Modern School Class 4a Reunion

Held on Friday 5th Oct 1984


Back Row L to R David Woodall, Mike Hannah, Wendy Baker, David Cresswell, Barbara May, Maureen Pleasance, Brenda Currey, Vicky Mead, Anne Edwards, Heather Ling, Angela Winch, Dennis Rivers, Glenice Horrex, Trevor Harvey, Melvin Ward, Hugh Emmerson, Christine Bird, Ray Saunders, Roger Lark, Tony Buck, David Landymore, Peter Clarke, Gloria Honey, John Ruskbrook, Margaret Ruffles

Front Row L to R Janet Burman, Daphne Brundell, Margaret Robinson, Beryl Sparkes, Maureen Knights, MaryLee Raistrick, Margaret Stannard, Rita Moyes, Pauline Horrex, Bridget Sheldrake, Carol Mead.


Stowmarket Secondary Modern School Prefects 1959

Back Row L to R Colin James, Michael Jackson, Denis Rivers, Billy Rose, Peter Clark, Michael Oakley, Neville Tye, Melvin Holden, Tony Buck.

Front Row L to R Gillian Collins, Rita Lawrence, Lillian Finbow, Margaret Ruffles, Glenice Horrex, Judith Roberts, Jenny Clover, Bernice Owen, Maureen Knights.


Stowmarket Girls Life Brigade Camp 1956

Back row Janet Mayhew, Mary Baker,Evelyn Hart, Cynthia Crissell, Shelia Wright, Elaine Robinson, Christine Taylor, Mary budget, Sylvia Garrod, Dorothy Crissell, Gloria Honey, Nancy Durrant.

Next row Margaret Robinson, Diana Hall, Bernice Owen, Jane Stannard, Maureen knights, Carol ?, Judy Stannard, Brenda last, Elizabeth ? ,

Next row Pamela Arbon, Susan Whisker, Ann Mullery, Christine Smith, ? ,Colleen Middleditch, ? , Joan Peteres.

Front row Wendy Markwell, Pat Kent, Beryl Crissell, Ann Wright, ? , ? , ? , Rita Turner


Stowmarket British Legion Childrens Party


The Stowmarket Girls Life Brigade Camp, possibly held at Cliftonville in the 50's, cant be Felixstowe as there's not a pebble in sight.

Back row Valerie Keeble, Jane Stannard, Bronwyn Reynolds, Nancy Durrant, Gloria Honey, Margaret Robinson, Margaret Hagger.

Middle row Christine Owen, Ann Burrows, Doreen Reynolds, Jennifer Frost, Brenda Bloomfield, Christina Frost, Judy Stannard, Ann Tricker.

Front row Pamela Arbon, Mary baker, Ann Carter, Maureen Knights, Bernice Owen, Jackie Hales, Joan Peters, Diana Hall, Ann Mullery


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