Memories of Stowmarket

In the heart of the English country side

A collection of photos and information from where I used to live

and people I used to know


Click 01 Combs Ford Primary School photos 1953 from Mr ARTHUR ASHTON

Click 02 1st Combs Cub Pack at the Combs Church Hall from RICKY SPARKES

Click 03 Memories of his Rock n Roll Band in the 1960's from BRIAN SEAMANS

Click 04 Are you on this Girls Choir photo from BRIAN SEAMANS

Click 05 Early memories from BILL DIXON

Click 06 Early memories from MAUREEN (KNIGHTS) LLOYD

Click 07 Arial photo's of Stowmarket from BRIAN SEAMANS

Click 08 Last train to Laxfield 1952 from BRIAN SEAMANS

Click 09 Stowmarkets Cafes from TERRY

Click 10 Stowmarket Secondary Modern School Photo 1955 from TERRY

Click 11 Record breaking walk from Edinburgh to Mable Arch 1959 from TERRY

Click 12 Stowmarket ICI Bowls Team from TERRY

Click 13 Early memory scenes from around Stowmarket from TERRY

Click 14 Houses where my Mother and her parents were born from TERRY

Click 15 The village of Combs from Terry

Click 16 The Church of St Peter and Mary Stowmarket with spire from Terry

Click 17 My fathers funny but naughty post card collection from Terry

Click 18 As a Royal Marines I was a member of Churchill's Guard of Honour at his Funeral

Click 19 Combs Ford 1930s & 1980s comparison from Graham Keeble

Click 20 Stowmarket Swimming Pool from Graham Keeble

Click 21 Billy Butlins walk from John o'Groat to Lands End from Terry

Click 22 As a Royal Marine I served in Borneo and was in the Jungle Green 1964

Click 23 Thorney View Coach trip to Felixstowe in 1951.